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  • Hamaji Magazine | From Ephemeral to Eternal

  •                                   "This is not a music festival. This is not an art festival. This is a temporary experience, in community and in total autonomy" With these few sentences found in the AfrikaBurn Survival Guide, I discovered the universe and the philosophy of this «festival». The first edition of Afrik[...]
  • National Geographic | Napoleon IV, The broken fate

  • With a keen interest in artillery, the Prince went through the Woolwich Military Academy, graduating in 1875. However, due to his rank, a commission in an artillery regiment was considered improper, and he instead became a staff officer. He lived a relatively mundane military life for a few years, with the occasional[...]
  • VSD | Metalheads from the bush

  • The scene seems to have emerged from a new Mad Max: dressed in leather dust covers, coated with Stetson and bandanas, battalions of metal music fans advance An infernal din in the throngs of the crowd. We are in Botswana, in Ghanzi, "the Capital of the Kalahari". Stuck between the Desert and the Okavango Delta, this[...]
  • Olivia Steele | Neon: Afrikaburn 2017

  • Olivia Steele featured her artwork You Are The Only One in this year’s AfrikaBurn – her first (but certainly not her last) piece to be displayed on the continent.The neon harnesses a bespoke, minimalist DJ stage (constructed with salvaged wood and mirror, also designed by Olivia); thus the two elements work in tandem[...]
  • Hamaji Magazine | Timkat, Face to Faith

  • Last January, in Addis Ababa, millions of Orthodox Christians got together to commemorate the baptism of Christ. This celebration, the Timkat, which corresponds to the Epiphany, generally takes place around the 19th of January. Although this religious festival is celebrated by Christians all over the world, it has [...]