Le Monde des ados | Ces différences qui nous rassemblent

10-11-MDA415-EN IMAGES


Most of the photos used for the different assemblies come from my project Today-project, but not all. Some are from other reports that I have been able to make around the world.  The common point between them is their humanistic approach: the human being as the main point of anchorage to the reading of the photos, in its immediate environment.

The objective of these diptychs is to show the beauty and diversity of Humanity by proposing a double reading of the same event, ritual, of the same emotion too.

Every day, across the planet, we live, sometimes survive. We love, we feel. We celebrate, we have fun. We are simply participating in this great whole that is being played in front of and with us, Life. It is in the expression of our daily actions that reveals our similarities but especially our differences, a strong and beautiful diversity that makes us unique and brings us closer together. These diptychs offer a look at our current world: a living and visual testimony that highlights these differences that bring us together.