South African Bloggers in Reunion Island

The idea is simple: a location (city, village, community) that I shoot for 24 hours non-stop.

A selection is made as a result of this shooting out to 24 photos, one per hour. An exhibition of -TODAY- of the city concerned is subsequently presented to the public. Behind this concept, there is above all a desire to show a slice of life during those 24 hours, in a given day. For example, my first -TODAY- took place in Cape Town on 20 February. 24 hours of madness, an amazing human adventure. I wanted to share this city life as seen little or just as we forget to see.

The concept and the pictures were a big hit at the exhibition! I want to sustain this project and make it something that touches and inspires: show the daily life of people around the world, their ways of living, the differences of cultures as well as their similarities. This concept also have an historical/archive purpose, if we think about it..

I find it crazy to tell me that in twenty years, I can come back on these pictures and say, “on February 20 in Cape Town, people lived like that! “. You can see below the photo selection from the first -TODAY / CapeTown- .

IMG_7383 IMG_2356 IMG_2182 IMG_2166 IMG_2129 IMG_2127 IMG_2059 IMG_2051 IMG_2006 IMG_1905 IMG_1873 IMG_1434 IMG_1395 IMG_1394 IMG_1374 IMG_1331 IMG_1306 IMG_1282 IMG_1271 IMG_1248 IMG_1223 IMG_1174 IMG_1135 IMG_1122 IMG_1118 IMG_1098 IMG_1086 IMG_1085 IMG_1082 IMG_1081 IMG_1067 IMG_1006 IMG_1000 IMG_0990 IMG_0989 IMG_0941

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