African Conservation Experience (ACE) is an organization that I was already aware of. Many of my friends took an alternative holiday with ACE and came back with stars in their eyes and a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

To become a conservation volunteer is to make a valuable contribution to protecting wildlife & ecosystems. It is also an opportunity to understand some of the issues from which we are often too detached.

By browsing through the different missions, each more exciting than the last, I realized that I not only wanted to be a conservation volunteer, I also wanted to deepen my knowledge about African wildlife. I wanted to be an active member of a team but also full-fledged student. Action and education.

Finally, I came across the “Game Ranger Guide Course”! Walking in the bush to tracks animals? Learn to situate myself for my own survival? Studying animal behaviour and adapt myself to dangerous situations? All that, with a good dose of action and interaction with animals? Click, book, fly.

Hamaji - Rooibos

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