Envol Vert | Promo Video

Envol vert is an association (as defined by the terms of the French law passed in 1901) which was created in March, 2011. Its goal is to protect forests and biodiversity in the planet’s most disadvantaged countries as well as in France. We work in partnership with local communities, supporting their conservation projects and helping them to develop new economic alternatives to deforestation.

The name Envol Vert, comes from the Spanish ‘envolver’: to get involved. To our mind, this is the key when dealing with a task as daunting as the preservation of the environment. Rather than waiting for others to act on our behalf, we act on our own initiative. For Envol Vert, the vast majority of solutions are to be found at a local level. It is with this outlook that Envol Vert plays its part in the development, support and financing of forest and biodiversity and conservation projects in the most disadvantaged countries, particularly in South America, but also in France.

Envol vert
has chosen to support projects with a clear focus and which make an impact in the fight against deforestation, namely projects that allow solutions to be implemented by local groups, communities, cooperatives, small associations…

I worked with Envol vert for many years as a sound engineer, helping on the creative side of the project.

If you want to know more about this association, please have a look on their website and get involved.
Let’s be the change we want to see!