Olivia Steele | Neon: Afrikaburn 2017

Olivia Steele featured her artwork You Are The Only One in this year’s AfrikaBurn – her first (but certainly not her last) piece to be displayed on the continent.The neon harnesses a bespoke, minimalist DJ stage (constructed with salvaged wood and mirror, also designed by Olivia); thus the two elements work in tandem, creating an engaging and inspiring Gesamtkunstwerk of sorts.

You Are The Only One is a call to attention: a spiritual reminder to embrace our individual solipsism[s] within the context of AfrikaBurn’s celebratory global community.After this year’s Burn, both the neon and its corresponding stage will be resurrected in a Capetowntownship in the new Langa Music School, developed by Bridges for Music, an NPO devoted to creating opportunities and leaving a positive impact on disadvantaged global communities through electronic music.

For more information about Olivia Steele work: www.oliviasteele.com
For more information about Bridges for music: www.bridgesformusic.com