Travel | Reunion Island, Intense and Unique

An island escape conjures up visions of endless untouched white sand, crystal-blue water and days that roll into one another as you soak up the sunshine. But Reunion Island will take those perceptions of island life and toss them out to sea — because along with the expected coconut tree-lined beaches that meet warm waters, it offers the perfect escape for adventure seekers and a melting pot of European, African and Asian cultures that have influenced all aspects of life there for the past 500 years.

Born of fire, the island was formed by and gets its sloping, hilly terrain from Piton de la Fournaise, a volcano from the depths of the Reunion hot spot in the Indian Ocean.
Reunion is the love child of French flair and the laid-back lifestyle you would expect from a tropical island. It is where I grew up and I’m pretty glad that I did!

Here is a little introduction to the diversity and the uniqueness of my island through pictures. A little taste of what you can experience on this island, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
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