Travel | Tahiti Iti, From Above

“A boat? a plane? a microlight? I’m not sure how to call this vehicle that I was in and allowed me to flew over the Taiarapu Peninsula.”

The Taiarapu Peninsula (or Tahiti Iti) is the wildest area on Tahiti. Traditional Polynesian villages, beaches, archaeological sites, and caves are all part of the alluring charm of Tahiti Iti. Unpretentious and beautiful, the smaller loop of Tahiti’s figure eight quietly attracts independent, outdoorsy folk looking for a more authentic glimpse of Polynesia. More commonly called the Presqu’île, Tahiti Iti has made a bit of a name for itself in recent years thanks to the promotion of its famous wave at Teahupoo. But despite its surfing fame, there’s much more to do in Tahiti Iti than ride the waves. Exceptional walks, boat tours to the incredibly remote Fenua Aihere and Te Pari, and horseback riding are just a few of the options.

In Polynesia, airplane is often used by locals and tourists because it’s the fastest way to travel between the islands. But if you want to take your time and admire the archipelago’s various islands, navigating is pretty simple. but if you get to know the right people and have a little bit of luck, you could even fly over Teahupoo and the peninsula on a boat(!).

With Tahiti Iti tour and surf, I had the chance to capture this beautiful and wild part of French Polynesia.