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  • Travel | Mbare, the Vibrant Suburb of Harare

  • Mbare was the first high-density suburb (township), being established in 1907. Before independence, Mbare was called Harare, meaning the place where people do not go to sleep. Many of today’s prominent leaders have at one time or another lived in the suburb, with a good measure of them having been born and bred ther[...]
  • Canon | Shoot who you are !

  • This phenomenal photography magazine is the perfect place to learn about new Canon products, as well as learn new photography techniques to take your photography to the next level. They asked few questikns about my approach to photography and I had the chance to share my vision about my work and what drives me through [...]
  • Hamaji Magazine | Congo, Behind the Myth

  • A dream came true! After many attempts, I finally had the opportunity to come to DRC. Thanks to @hamaji_magazine I had the opportunity to cruise around the south of the country for more than 3 weeks. Congo always sounds like a myth to me. A place where there is still so much to discover. This country is 4 times big[...]
  • Le Monde des ados | Ces différences qui nous rassemblent

  •   Most of the photos used for the different assemblies come from my project Today-project, but not all. Some are from other reports that I have been able to make around the world.  The common point between them is their humanistic approach: the human being as the main point of anchorage to the reading of th[...]
  • We All Share Roots | Fashion Photography

  • WASR, We All Share Roots is an African-inspired bags brand, ethically made. Produced in partnership with NGOs and small organizations in townships, WeAllShareRoots’ bags contribute to positive change, sustainable development and poverty alleviation. Each bag is a unique creation. Likewise, the materials used are[...]
  • VICE | Les Réunionnais sont accros aux combats de coqs

  • A year ago, while I was back to my beloved island, I decided to document the story of the "Batay Kok" ("cockfight"), a traditional discipline in Reunion island. For few weeks, I followed some gamefowl breeders during they journey to get their "proteges" ready for the big tournament. Documenting local customs: my fa[...]