Portfolio | 500px

Since many years, I showed my work through a Portfolio. A selection of my work, organized in differents categories: Discovering, Searching, Experiencing, Meeting.
Those differents categories mean a lot to me and show differents perspectives that I have regarding photography.
They create a combination that defines my Universe. Let me explain more to you what those categories are about:

The most natural Photo approach.
When vision accesses to the multiple Beauties of our Earth.
Or, rather, when these appeared before our eye’s, and you only have to admire, feel.
Simple, Powerful

Here the capture is not reduced to the shooting moment.
The work begins long before and refined over time until the outbreak.
The eye exercises, Attraction, and The Spirit awaken the hidden visions.
Omnipresent, Captivating

Travelling is to photography what being on stage is to Musicians.
The ultimate playground, the supreme expression support, imperishable inspirations, and sensations.
I observe with patience and triggers with reactivity, Leaving the unexpected guide me.
Cruising, Exciting

To each cliché, its history.
It shows the instant. It often speaks of a meeting, an exchange of smiles.
Art as a social mediator, before and after the Click.
Different, Rewarding